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Some 'Food" for Thought and Fitness

I got to weigh in and I lost another 1.2 lbs.

So far 6.2 lbs lost.

The key is serving sizes and portion control.

But how to do you do that and figure that out in the grocery store.

Some people will say only eat lean meat, and the perimeter of the grocery store. Lots of fruits and veges.

*Do not go to the store hungry.

*The most important thing to remember about shopping - have a list and plan.

If you want to be able to eat desserts, or appetizers at your dinners - here are a few ideas. Appetizers. Mushrooms stuffed with fat free cheese (not reduced fat - there is still some in there. Fat Free). Put it in your microwave about 2-4 minute - depending on the size of your mushrooms.

ALSO dessert - If you put fat free cottage cheese in the blender and blend it - it makes a dip/pudding consistance and doesnt taste like cottage cheese. Blend some up - and add a powder ranch mix or taco seasoning. Then you have a dip for your carrots, celery, vege trays.

If you add unsweeten cocoa powder and a little monk fruit or splenda sweetner - you have chocolate pudding. Put some fat free cool whip type on it and a few blue berries - in a small puff pastry shell -- you have a tartlet.

What would you like me discuss next week???

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