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Dawn's Journey for Health and Fitness

Updated: May 1

Let's get this started. My name is Dawn and this is going to be my health/fitness journey with you. I started my journey (on and off) for years. When I was a teenager - I fell off a chair in dance class and shattered cartiledge in my knee. By the time I was 40, I was having issues and my weight was part of it. I had knee surgery and lost some of my weight. To reward myself, and after I got to FL, I signed up for the Tourism pageant (2013) and modeling. I have fallen in love with this pageant and am now an Elite Queen 2024.

With my modeling - I have walked in NY fashion week 3 times, Las Vegas, Miami Swim Week, been on HSN modeling fitness equipment and Lancome (just to mention a few). I have been on the cover of magazines and featured in articles.

I have even become a licensed Zumba instructor. Of course, to celebrate I turned to food. Well, there goes the weight again. But now, I want a different reward. A few years ago, I lost all my weight and I entered bikini competitions. Not bad for grandma in her 50s. I once again awarded myself with food. A bad habit for me. Well, this time -- I am going to take you with me on this journey. And to reward me - I am going to do another bikini competition. I cant wait!!!!

*** This time - as I already know - it has to be a lifestyle change, not a diet. That is the MAJOR KEY to weight loss. Lifestyle change. I want this to show you that age does not matter. I want you to see that at any age, you can accomplish anything. With the right tools, and I want to share those tools with you.


I am going to be honest. The older we get, the harder it is to maintain our weight. Some times life gets in the way. One thing I have found that helps me with weight loss is Weight Watchers (WW). The #1 thing to remember with diets -- they dont work. Why? Because as soon as we lose the weight - we go back to square one with our eating. They also are more starvation. You cant live on just air. But with WW, you can eat anything. It's just a matter of "Is it worth it?" The #1 thing I have learned from WW is portions. The serving size on the packages. So in this blog - you will learn that with me as well. First tip I can give you when you want to lose weight - start small. Write down everything you put in your mouth. That will keep you accountable. Slowly put exercise into your routine. Get your food under control first. Here I will also share with you some tips and maybe a recipe or two. Tip of the Day - your brain doesnt know the difference between thirsty and humgry. So if you feel hungry, drink some water first. Not tea or soda or coffee. The clear stuff - water. If after a few minutes of drinking it you are no longer hungry - put down the snacks. When you do snack - find your favorite fruit or veges. No dips.

Coming soon - my favorite breakfast recipe and how to make your favorite restaurant food healthier. (Chiptole/Mexican food is the easiest to make healthier) What would you like to see a way to make healthier?

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