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Back at the Gym: First Step

You dont need a trainer. You can do this!

Start with some cardio - get the treadmill for 20 minutes. Watch TV or have your tunes playing on headphones. If that is hard on knees or back - do an elipitcal. I do this. Even if you can only do 10 minutes - you dont have to break speed records. Get some light dumbbells. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and raised your arms straight out to the side. Slowly back down. Do 5 to start. Rest for a minute tops - Do another 5.

If you can do 3 sets of 5 - you are a rockstar. When that gets easy - go up to 10. (You can do this in your home with a few cans of corn) Get a half gallon of milk - same stance as above (or a 5lb kettle bell). Slowly do a squat. Even if its just barely bending your knees. It counts!!! Then slowly stand up. Do like above. 3 sets of 5. Lets start there. There is so much more. Next week - Split squats (you can even do in your pool for ease on the joints. *******

Here is my post about my first day in the gym in 2 years: (Let me know if you want me to show you a video next time I go)

I did very close in weight to what I use to do.

-55lb pulled down - I think I use to do 60-70. 175lb leg press - use to do close to 200.

-Overhead press - use to do 50-55. Did 40lb

-Used 10lb dumbbells for side lifts. (this is what I told you about above)

-Barbell squats - use to do 140lb Did 70lb

I did a few others - and it was so close to what I use to do. I am totally happy!!!!!!!

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