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Time to get Moving.....

And I dont mean across the country. Let's get our bodies moving - which will assist in our weight loss journey. Easy stuff - you can use dumb bells or just a gallon on milk, juice, or even canned goods. 1> "Around the World" Hold a dumb bell - or can good - over your head with 2 hands. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Turn only your torso to the left. Bend at the waist all the way over. "Swing your body" - while down - to the right and slowly stand up. Stay there. Take a deep breath - repeat to the left. Do 10. Take a minute break and see if you can do 3 sets of 10. 2> Plank lay on your stomach on the floor and and bend your elbows under you. Its going to be like doing a push up- but you are not on your hands - you are on your fore arms. Keep you back straight - no butt in the air - Push up position, but on your fore arms and hold it for as long as you can. Want to kick it up??? Put a gallon of milk - at one side of you, or a dumb bell on at one side of you. Go into push up position - all the way up. Stay there. Use your right hand, reach across under you and grab your weight and move it to the other side. Hand down. Now use your left hand and move the weight to the other side - across under you. With these - you will work on your love handles, core, and some side boob. More side boob exercises later.

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