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Updated: Mar 25

It was no secret I needed to lose weight, but in the age of Big is beautiful, love yourself, I certainly did not feel beautiful nor did I love myself. I hid during family photos. People would ask if they could have a photo with me and I wanted to cry. But I really didn't do anything to change things. Sure, I would buy meals that said they were healthy but in fact weren't. I would eat salads and snickers, thinking I was eating good I had a salad after-all...I deserve a snicker. People would tell me "you're beautiful and inside I was thinking you should have your eyes checked. I kind of plateaued at a certain weight size. And It was not pretty. I wasn't healthy and that was made clear on January 10, 2024 when I was rushed by ambulance to the ER. 

After some tests, I was diagnosed and needed emergency surgery. As I write this I realize how stupid I was. You see I had, had a stomach ache for about a week. I figured it will go away soon. Until That fateful day on January 10th the pain became excruciating. When the test results were read to me I had Gall Stones, Gall Bladder Infection, Pancreatitis and was sepsis, all because I did not take care of myself when I knew something was going on inside.  All of this could have been avoided. The emergency surgery had to wait 2 days to get the fever down, then they removed the gall stones. Once the Gall Stones were out the pancreatitis went into full blast or sepsis or the gall bladder infection for the next 8 days I was on a constant antibiotic drip with fluids. Then they realized I had fluid around my heart which apparently is normal when receiving fluids so they cut it down a bit and gave me Lasix or Furosemide.  I had my gall bladder removed on January 20th and went home on January 21st.

During my hospital stay I was told by the nutritionist I was OBESE. I didn't hear much more after that. Then the next day she said it again and said if I didn't do something to get the weight down I would eventually have heart problems and could become diabetic and develop other complications. You hear this everywhere, being overweight is not healthy, but until God puts you in a position like this you just go on about normal business. Now when I got home I ate better not a great deal,  but better. 

Then my husband had a planned surgery on February 19 all was good until it wasn't on February 24th 2024 my husband had a heart attack and was put in ICU after his surgery. That is when all of what the nutritionist said made sense. And I went literally insane, I had a nutritionist help me I had to throw away the bad and bring in the good. I needed help to decide what needed to go and what could be saved. I have to say, almost everything I had in the freezer and fridge had to go. Now it wasn't just me but my husband who had to make changes too.  It is huge changes. And it had to be done NOW. This could not be put off.  We tell ourselves a whole lot of lies like I ate good all week I deserve a treat. Well at the beginning you have to go all in until eating healthier is a habit and not just a passing event or it may become a passing event...Literally. We do not eat out, ever, anymore, we eat veggies and protein and very little carbs. All whole foods, nothing processed, nothing with carrageenan, nothing with a sodium count of more than 9grams, we swapped sugar for stevia, which I'm not sure that's better than sugar, no more than 20 grams of carbohydrates a day. We use Raw Unfiltered Honey for tea and we drink 3 16 oz glasses of water a day. And none of it is easy when you are used to something else. 

And because of all of that, all of that life that happened so fast, I decided I wanted to change Better Days With Teri as more helpful, informational and educational. I hope you enjoy and I hope you become a member, and mostly I hope you begin having Better Days with Me, Teri and our friends, experts, advisors and consultants!

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