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I eat 1/2 a chicken breast for portion size. Let's jump in.

I meal prep the chicken ahead and then grab as needed.

You will need one chicken breast and it will serve two.

Bake chicken breast in oven 20 minutes at 375 degrees flip and cook 20 minutes on other side

I will use chili powder, or teriyaki sauce, or Italian dressing or BBQ sauce or honey mustard or Dijon mustard,

Meal prep:


Ranch Dressing

what you need:

Chicken Breast I usually cook 4 ahead

Favorite seasoning about 1/2 cup if sauce and to taste if powder

Whole grain multi grain bun or whole wheat tortilla wrap


Tomato slices 2

and depending on what I cooked my chicken with will determine if I use a condiment sauce

my go to would be Dijon mustard.

Broccoli, Carrots and Cauliflower I use the fresh bagged

Apple Sause or half an apple


I often use as sides:

Steamed Broccoli, Carrots and Cauliflower with Montreal seasoning

or cold as a snack with ranch I make mine at home with Hidden Valley packets

black bean and corn

I put mine together like so:

bottom bun with some Dijon mustard, lots of lettuce one slice of tomato

Chicken Breast whole

Lettuce and tomato again and more Dijon

cut in half and share with someone

Veggies however you like best,

Apple slices or Apple sauce


I prefer decaf, zero sugar starry mini cans with lunch

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