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This one is super easy and delicious.

What you will need:

Turkey burgers patty's

Brussel sprouts

smart balance

brown sugar

Garden Salad


Zero cal drink

KC Masterpiece Original BBQ Sauce

Bake Turkey burgers until bubbling and just turning brown

and or brush BBQ sauce on top of the turkey burgers let sit

Brussel sprouts in saucepan smart balance butter about 1 TBSP

add to that 1 tbsp of brown sugar cook until done.

Garden salad lettuce lots of lettuce, half a green pepper, half a red pepper, onion, cucumber slices, tomato all cut into bite size pieces and 2 tbsp of your fave dressing

popsicle as an after dinner snack

Eat all the non starch veggies you like fill up on that.

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