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Healthy Breakfast Oats

When I became a big girl and got my first apartment I discovered oatmeal. I used to love when my friend Robin would come over and stay because she would always ask for this recipe. This recipe is not perfect if you need to avoid sugar. But for me this is how I do it. and I am losing weight.

I needed something fast and easy. I was a flight attendant and had many 3AM wake up calls. The recipe I use today with the advise of my nutritionist is: Whole grain toast no butter or sugars.

What you will need:

one minute oats I use Quaker

Heart Smart Butter. I use Smart Balance

Brown Sugar. I use Great Value Brand

1 tsp Cinnamon every once in a while but not every time.

2 slices of wheat bread. I use Honey Wheat Bunny Bread ( whole grain is better )

Honey. I use Great value Raw Honey

Use 1/2 cups dry oats to one cup of water.

I microwave, but you can boil water and pour over your oats.

add to oats I use 1 tbsp smart balance

add to oats I use 1 tbsp brown sugar

let sit

Next 2 slices of whole grain bread toast in toaster

spread some smart balance on the toast

and drizzle just a little honey on the toast and spread.

Oatmeal is my go to. And since I rediscovered it it is my go to breakfast fix.

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