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Everyone Struggles with things......

even professionals and more than just with weight/fitness. Do you think that Sly Stallone, Jason Mamoa, Cher, JLo, any of those super fit, awesome bodied celebs dont struggle with temptation on foods and have a day or more where the idea of being in the gym is not their thing that day? We all do. And its ok. Just like its ok to have a cheat day - NOT a cheat month or 6 months. I promise and I am sure - Even Thor or Captain America has eatten cake...... Yesterday, I found out I have lost 14 lbs so far. Now, I admit - I do have about 30 more to go - but darn it!!!! I did 14. Yesterday was also Husband's birthday and I really cheated -- a rum/coke, cake, pasta, real peanut butter (not my powdered stuff). With Weight Watchers, you get daily points and weekly points. I usually eat 10 points, sometimes 15, a day. Yesterday, I went into weeklies. Now read that first sentence again. AND I only gained .2 - something else to remember. Weight flucuates. That is why you dont weigh yourself every day. Unless you can handle that change. Now - lets talk about what tempts us to eat when we arent hungry, or even like what we are eatting. (By the way, all that cake and pasta last night - something was bad with it and both of us got food poisoning from it. ugh!) Its true - you eat with your eyes first. If you see a HUGE plate of food -you think WOOOOOO LOTS OF IT. Maybe its a big plate of salad. Thats not really a lot of food. What will make us eat when we are not hungry/dont like what is on your plate: THE 5 S's See - you see the chips on the table, you are going to eat it.

Smell - the smell of the popcorn at the movie theater Situation - graduation, anniversary.... Sounds - crunching, sipping..... Special - family in from out of town....

Boredom, stress - those are also in that list under a catagory...... Knowing your triggers will help you be able to over come them. Think about it first. Why am I still eating those fries? Why am I eating this greasy burger? That stop and thinking - it will help. Drink some water (about 1/2 a glass too) and see how you feel then. Push it away. Give to someone else to eat. Take 1/2 home for another day. We will talk about why diets dont work and lifestyle changes next.

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