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Is it all a Lie? Should you follow the recommended guidelines?

It can be so overwhelming as you research food, recipe's, healthy eating, and more. I did happen to get a link to a documentary and it may be a game changer. Here is the link to the documentary if interested

So in the food pyramid, they tell us to consume more carbohydrates, lots of fruits and veggies etc.

I for one have been in the cycle of no matter how much I exercised. No matter how healthy I ate I was not losing and in fact I was gaining weight. I finally got to the point no matter what I did was not making a difference and thus began the mindset I will eat whatever I want.

The Documentary "The Low Fat Diet Is Genocide | Fat Fiction | Full Documentary | Free | Documentary Central" Makes sense to me. They say the pyramid should be reversed and carbs etc

should be a small portion of the diet and not the bulk.

What is healthy eating? For me I am trying a lot of different things right now. Partly because with out a gall bladder there are some obstacles to overcome. Can the body handle fat without a gall bladder? If not why not? More questions right now than answers. So I am cutting carbs not necessarily eating fats but def cutting carbs... I will keep you posted as to how it works.

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