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I was a nobody, in a world of somebodies;

That was a difficult sentence for me to write. I grew up in a family with a working single mom, two brothers, and 4 half brothers and sister I never knew. In the odds game everything was against me.

Every opportunity I got I destroyed. I own that. But I used that to transform myself, my odds and my life!   And can do the same for you.


From lifestyle challenges, weight, hormone , a husband with Lupus I went from Cosmetic Studio Manager, to Flight Attendant, To Inflight Training Instructor, to the youngest ever Manager of Inflight Services, to author and a passionate speaker. I’m the founder of W.I.N. (Women In Need) a Women and girls club community outreach and mentor program. I consult small businesses locally and across the United States. I’ve found balance between work and life, now I’m a totally happy person, loving wife, Auntie, inspiring speaker and writer, but it didn’t come easily. I've gone though hundreds of failures and complicated situations. You can use my previous experience in order not to fall into the same trap.

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Life and Business Changes With Teri:

I want you to start living better days both personally and professionally. I did it and YOU can too. We can work 1-on-1 or in groups. Only the necessary consultations without delays in achieving the result(s) you desire.

How can YOUR days become better, transform with us?

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